VyBrows Academy Training Courses

At VyBrows Academy, we don’t just perform microblading and permanent makeup procedures, we’ve made it part of our purpose to pass them on to anyone willing to learn. Here, students can learn the most advanced permanent makeup methods, and how to perform them with the utmost attention to customer safety and comfort while delivering excellent results that unleash a woman’s true beauty.

Why Study Permanent Makeup at VyBrows Academy?

VyBrows Academy was founded by Vy Nguyen to fulfill her lifelong mission to empower women, give them confidence, and teach them to be financially independent by unleashing their true beauty. With over 21 years of experience in Cosmetology, she has won multiple international awards in PMU competitions as both a makeup artist and instructor, including Best Cosmetologist Instructor in her home country of Vietnam for multiple consecutive years. She has also served as an honorary judge for several international competitions within the beauty industry throughout Asia, Europe, Central America, and North America. 

With her expertise, Vy Nguyen will teach the next generation of permanent makeup artists the latest techniques in permanent makeup and microblading to deliver effortlessly natural results without compromising customer safety and comfort.

Our Expert Team

Driven by her enthusiasm and expertise in PMU, Vy shared her dream of spreading her knowledge with her sisters Kim Nguyen and Emily Bui. Together they created the professional team that is known today as VyBrows Academy. With our commitment to tireless innovation, unmatched experience, and flawless skill set, our team is always ready and willing to give our knowledge, time, and support to anyone who chooses to put their trust in VyBrows in pursuit of the career path of a Permanent Makeup Artist.

Our Permanent Makeup Subjects

Students can choose to learn three main permanent makeup subjects together in any combination or opt to master only one course. The three main subjects are:

  • Eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Eyeliner

All students learn the courses in one-on-one sessions with instructors that have been meticulously trained by the master herself, Vy Nguyen. While other beauty schools have courses with a few fixed number of days, you can learn how to do PMU at your own pace, and will only advance once your instructor determines that you are ready for the next step. There is no extra charge for these additional learning hours, allowing you to have more time for practice under your instructor’s supervision.

There are four main phases of learning for each subject:
makeup application

Introduction to the Basics of Permanent Makeup

makeup application

PMU Practice with Pens and Paper

makeup application

Advanced Lectures with Continued Paper Practice

makeup application

Practical Test Applying Permanent Makeup on a Real Volunteer

At the end of your training, you will be a certified Permanent Makeup Technician taught by the very best in the industry.

Learn How to Unleash True Beauty From a Master

Our founder, Vy Nguyen is an internationally renowned cosmetologist with over two decades of experience learning and developing the most advanced PMU techniques. Since 2018, her reputation outside of her home country Vietnam and in the US has grown even further by serving as an honorary judge for several international competitions within the beauty industry throughout Asia, Europe, Central America, and North America. She continues to enrich her reputation as a master of permanent makeup in her new hometown of Houston, where she has grown her team of PMU artists and is looking for new students to share her knowledge, skills, and expertise. If you want to master the art of permanent makeup from a world-class expert, call us today and book your first lesson!

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VyBrows Academy is the home of the premier permanent makeup and microblading experts in the Houston area. We are dedicated to unleashing the true beauty of our customers using the most advanced procedures and technologies that deliver effortlessly natural results while maximizing customer safety and comfort.

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Sun: 11.00 AM - 4.00 PM

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