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At VyBrows Academy, we pride ourselves in unleashing the true beauty of women through the most advanced permanent makeup and microblading techniques that prioritize safety and comfort and deliver results that enhance your features and look natural. This includes correcting any previously done permanent makeup procedures that you are unhappy or unsatisfied with. You don’t have to put up with such results - VyBrows Academy has got you covered.

Common Permanent Makeup Problems That Need Corrections

Everyone is different, and every beauty is unique. Features such as face shape, bone structure, and skin tone change from person to person, and as in an equation, these factors must be studied carefully before any permanent makeup procedures begin. If they are not accounted for properly, then mistakes can occur. The most common permanent makeup problems include using the wrong colors or pigments, incorrect shaping of the eyebrows or lips, or work that is asymmetrical or misshaped. In some cases, pigmentation might be applied to the wrong places entirely.

Our Permanent Makeup Correction Process

Color Neutralization

In some cases, the old color pigments from previous procedures can be covered up or neutralized with a new procedure. The affected area is numbed and sanitized, and product is applied to remove the old colors from the surface layers. However, if your skin is damaged, new colors cannot be applied until after it has healed. Color neutralization may also be ineffective on its own without the removal or reduction of the old color pigments from the deeper layers of the skin. 

Pico Laser Treatment

An effective treatment for removing permanent makeup pigment is with a laser. Our Pico laser penetrates beneath the surface of the skin with bursts of concentrated light that last a trillionth of a second, breaking up the permanent makeup pigments into smaller particles. These fractured pigments are eliminated by your body through the lymphatic system over the following weeks and the old color will fade away. Once the pigment is lightened or completely removed, a new permanent makeup procedure can be reapplied. Please note that laser treatment isn’t for everybody, as it is not as effective for some skin types. Also, multiple laser sessions may be required to reduce or remove any previously applied pigments.

Permanent Makeup Correction To Unleash Your True Beauty

VyBrows Academy is here to correct and repair your previous permanent makeup work using the latest permanent makeup innovations that prioritize your safety and comfort. We deliver a more effortlessly natural and head-turning look that empowers our customers to live every day with confidence and energy by unleashing their true beauty. We’re always at the forefront of the latest developments in permanent makeup and microblading so you’re in the best hands. Give us a call and let’s set your appointment today!

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